Soul Matters

This program is intended to help us focus our time and energy on equipping our community to do the work of spiritual exploration that builds a foundation for hope, compassionate service, and action whenever and however it fits into your lives! Whether it’s around the kitchen table with your family, in the backyard with your friends, over Zoom with just about anybody, or even alone on a hike in the mountains, our goal is to invite you into a deeper conversation about how we can engage with life’s biggest questions right now (without adding lots of screen time). This will include a variety of engagement opportunities! 

Every month, we’ll send out a packet of spiritual exploration activities, journal prompts, discussion questions, art activities, and resources. These packets will reflect our monthly themes from Soul Matters. If you want to tackle things at your own pace, you can look at the whole packet at your leisure. If you’d like to work through a piece each week with other folks from the congregation, you can sign up on Padlet (click here) to get those activities and then show each other what you’ve been up to with comments and photos! These packets will be available electronically, but you can also click here to request a paper copy be mailed to you each month. 

Every week, we’ll dive deeper into a question that will help us wrestle with our theme. We’ll explore these centering questions in a variety of ways, including through a story published on our Facebook page on Tuesdays, a podcast that will come out on Fridays, and our worship service on Sunday mornings (including an opportunity to dive deeper into the question with a breakout group at the end of service). 

The September Packet is found here. This September, our theme will be Renewal, and here are the questions we’ll be exploring together:

  1. How are you renewing your commitment to democracy and the democratic process this fall?
  2. How can our shared past be a source of renewal without defining us?
  3. How might we renew our relationships with our community partners as part of our “new normal”?
  4. How can the work of atonement refocus and realign our priorities?

We are excited to embark on this journey together!