Board of Directors

Mike Kercher, President
Marcie Kindred, Vice President
Jackie Hutchins, Secretary
Camellia El-Antably, Treasurer

Gene Heater At-Large
Garth Shanklin, At-Large
Bob Weinland, At-Large

Caroljean Bongo, Past President

The Role of the Board:
to promote the life of the congregation in healthy, empowering, and compassionate ways;
to enable the congregation to live out its covenant and its mission; to listen and respond to the hopes, dreams, needs, visions, concerns of members of the Congregation;
to listen and respond to the hopes, dreams, needs, visions and concerns of the professional staff as they minister to and with the congregation;
to oversee the practical life of the congregation (stewardship of building, financial and other resources).
Committee on Shared Ministry

Carol Bowles
Jan Behrens
Birgitt Paul
Lauren Danley
John Sanford

The Role of CoSM:
Investment Committee

Emily Smith
Steve Furtney
Randy Bruns

The Role of Investment:

The Investment Committee invests church cash reserves in longer term investments based on goals set by the Board of Directors and generally includes working to earn higher returns while also making sure there is sufficient cash available to meet operating expenses on an annual basis.  
The Investment Committee invests major gifts for the purpose of producing income through interest.

The Investment Committee evaluates the performance of funds according to intervals with multi-year benchmarks.