paper clipOver the summer, Rev. Audette and Ms. Marcie will amend their schedules to by-appointment. Due to the demands of children’s summer schedules, if you’d like to meet with either of them, please be in touch to schedule an appointment. Both continue to be available and reachable quickly by phone or email.

Rev. Audette will be traveling back East from June 23 – July 4th weekend. Ms. Marcie will be  traveling to see family July 2-7 and will share any other travel plans as they arise.

The hours the church office is open continue as usual during the summer – 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Please be aware that although our administrator, Shelley, works more hours than when the church office is open, she must have closed-office hours in order to accomplish the generous amount of financial and other paperwork and design/communication that constitutes the bulk of her responsibilities. Shelley’s time away from the office will also be posted with advance notice

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