cartoon-bird-dog-using-binoculars-by-ron-leishman-4176Dear Prospective Minister,

Thank you for your interest in UUCC and welcome to our web page. We hope that the page will give you a feel for our vibrant congregation, and the extraordinary level of activity we sustain with our small but committed, mission-driven and enthusiastic congregation. The bold items are links.

The search committee began working together in September 2016 upon announcement that Reverend Audette would be pursuing new career opportunities. The five of us were sought out by the Leadership Development Team and we represent a cross section of our membership. We have met at least weekly since September and are proud of the congregational record we assembled together. An introduction to each of us is below, click on our names to meet Lea Grubbs, Gordon Johns, Audriana Mata, Ellen Stump and  Ken Vernon, . One of Lea’s mottos is “the work will show you the way.” As a committee we are finding our way and very much looking forward to interacting with ministers who see something that calls them to explore UUCC and Cheyenne.

In preparation for the announcement of going into search for a new minister the board initiated Cottage Conversations over the summer.  Church leaders met with many members and friends in small groups in people’s homes.  The search committee relied heavily on the information from these conversations and input in our suggestion box in writing our congregational record.

Our web page introduces you to our mission, covenant, and bylaws. Our staff has each written a letter of introduction that will help you get to know them and their vision for the future. As you will read, we have a staff that is working well together and are preparing to welcome a new minister.

Meet our Administrator, Shelley Reher, our DLFD and Music Director, Marcie Smith, our accompanist, Priscilla Golden, and Sexton, Sharon Kelley.

UUCC’s many Church committees and activities provide a means for congregants to participate in our shared ministry. All are welcome to do so.

The Leadership Development Team and Worship Committee minus three new members are pictured here. Board Meeting minutes are posted on the web site so that members may access them with ease.

Toward the end of each fiscal year, in May, an annual report is prepared for our congregational meeting. The report includes input from committees and the proposed budget.

The church history as it was prepared for a prior search will give you a feel for our roots and foundation. A more detailed addendum provides insight into our progress from 2011 to present. This UUCC Governance Model is a visual representation of our organizational structure described in the document.

Visit Cheyenne provides lost of information about the capitol city and its surroundings.

We are proud of our building, flower and vegetable gardens,but most of all the activity that take place here.  Below are pictures of Hogwarts Summer Camp, Youth Clean Up, Winter Mart and a Sunday Service to inspire and sustain us.

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