HANDSTOUCHINGS-33Sexuality is one of the ways that we become enlightened, actually, because it leads us to self-knowledge.

Alice Walker

In November, our theme is Self, Sexuality, and UU. As people of faith, it’s essential that we have an integrated approach to our lives – one that incorporates our bodies, health, and sexuality into our faith. If our faith cannot inform the way we love, eat, touch, and relate to other people, of what possible good can it be to us?

We all live inside the bubble of our own experience, and our church homes – like UUCC – are the places where we can, with openness and trust – listen and learn from others’ experiences, and in this way, learn more about ourselves, too.

Over the month, I hope you will respond to the invitation to learn something new every day – something new about yourself, about how other people live and love, about how we can help one another heal from experiences of abuse and trauma to our bodies and spirits. For parents who bring their children to service – just a note: there will be discussion of adult sexuality in some of our services this month. Please use your own discretion. Naturally, we are deeply invested and proud of the quality of our religious education for children, so we hope that your children will have a good experience whether they are with you in the sanctuary or with their peers in R.E.

See you in church,

Rev. Audette