The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.
—Mitch Albom

This month’s message is a little different; it’s meant as a special thank you to many of you. After two years of living with you, I know who shows up and who works to make our community. I see that a portion of our members are working very hard on their generosity – making UUCC happen by funding it, financially. This article is for you. It is my deep and heartfelt thanks for you. To me, this is so important: you are making Unitarian Universalism here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Think about how much that matters! You are welcoming people who have been battered by the world or other faith traditions. You are creating the spiritual community that feeds those who have grown up outside of any particular religious tradition, but who long for depth, meaning, and a place to grow their faith. You build the house that feeds the hungry, houses those who are homeless, and always answers the call of need when it is sounded in this community. You are the ones who show up to stand by those who have been historically marginalized; who need allies so their voices will be heard. You are the ones who create a place where we are raising the next generation of children, whom we trust will incorporate our values and our dreams into their lives, wherever they may lead. You are providing a place of laughter and friendship, of garden and sanctuary. 
There are many great organizations in Cheyenne. Lots of marvelous non-profits, each with their special mission. Yet not one of them can do all that UUCC does. Committed and vital churches add life to a community in a powerfully unique way. Being the most powerful voice of liberal religious community, as is UUCC, makes a very big difference in a place like Wyoming. We hold so much in our hands.
So thank you. Thank you to each of you who pledge to this church, and keep the doors open and thereby shelter our faith. Thank you to each of you who comes on more than just Sunday – those many of you who do all the tasks, large and small, that are the true ministry of the church. Thank you to each of you who hear our message and try to live our values in our Cheyenne community. You matter. You make a difference.
If by some chance this column is not for you, please know this: we want to know why. How can we invite you to join us more deeply? What inspires you to bring your fullness to a community? We would love to hear. Know you are wanted and welcome. We look forward to deeper days together.
See you in church –
Rev. Audette