Everything is so much better when you’re around
Just don’t float so high you drift away
Stand tall, with your feet on the ground
I love your songs, I love your sound
Everything is so much better when you’re around
~Jolie Holland, Mexican Blue

Everything is so much better when you’re around. That’s been the theme of February for me. From our Valentine’s Day multigen exchange, our GSA coffeehouses, our Thursday night volleyball, weekly RE classes and the new Spiritual Parenting Chalice Circles…it all works because so many of you show up and share yourselves with amazing generosity.
This has been a rough month for me, personally, the sudden death of our friend reminded me forcefully of how good our UUCC community is, how important it is to have people who make it their spiritual practice to mourn with those that mourn and carry casseroles and coffee, children’s drawings and hugs to those that need it. I needed it and I received it. It wakes me up to the ways we can lay the groundwork in our everyday life, make the phone calls, show up for meetings, ask after each other that pay such dividends when the unexpected happens.  So thank you for making what could have been an unbearable time, not just bearable but filled with moments of grace.
It raises the question, how can RE be helping you? Do you feel involved with the spiritual lives of our children? Would you like to be more involved? Our most pressing need right now is for volunteers on Sunday. We also have a paid position in the nursery that I’d like to train one more person for. Would you like to volunteer with our exciting new GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Teen coffeehouses? Thanks to a generous donation, we have formed a committee to build a play area in front of our church, would you like to start dreaming about what that could look like? We will be taking our plans to the congregation and we’d love to have your thoughts and suggestions about how to make our play area reflect the awesome, child-centered, imaginative values that our church believes in.
We would like to have RE greeters every Sunday. I am not always available to shepherd new people with children through our morning routine. If you have time to come to church at 10:15am and stand with the greeters please come and see me.
We’ve got some fun stuff coming up, Jr. High CON’s, Senior High tubing at Snowy Range, the Child Dedication on April 6th (if you’re a member and your child hasn’t been dedicated please drop me a line so we can be sure to include you!) and it all works because you all make it work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sara Burlingame, DRE