Peace Camp was a blast! We had 16 children participate, and it was led by myself and Birgitt Paul, assisted by Sara O’Donnell, Audri Mata, Kayla Lyday and Kellen Sequeira. We had Rabbi Harley from the Beth-El Synagogue and Dr .Salih from the Southeast Islamic Center as guest speakers, and the week culminated in an overnight camping excursion to Vedauwoo. It was the eve of Solstice and two nights before the full moon; we couldn’t have asked for better weather or a neater group of campers. When we got home the first question was, “How can we do more of that?” Camping was such a distillation of our UU Principles in practice: with a diverse group of ages and experiences we agreed that our 1st principle, everyone is important, was helpful and necessary, we voted on activities (5th principle) and nothing speaks to our commitment to protecting our planet more than the fact that 10 children and 4 adults managed to create less than 2 pounds of trash at the end of our overnight stay! Birgitt Paul is a passionate advocate (I think she calls it being a tireless nag, but I’ll go with my description) for reducing waste and cutting down on our impact on the environment and our kids, of course, come loaded with their own good ideas for taking care of the earth.

I have the month of July off, so you won’t be seeing much of me, although I hope you’ll all come to the sermon I get to preach on the 28th on Mormon feminism and my deep and abiding love for it – I hope it will give you lots to think about and some good conversations can come from it.

I’m excited for this coming fall, hoping to speak to more of you about volunteering in RE, having a great teacher training at the end of summer and an epic RE Registration in September!

Happy Solstice everyone and enjoy your summer!


Sara Burlingame, Director of Religious Education (DRE)