I am writing this on the solstice, the longest day of the year. How much RE has to be thankful for! We have a wonderful cadre of volunteers working in RE, but we still need two more people to round out our roster. If you have any interest, please let me know.
Our big news is our senior high youth group is finally picking back up. I’m so grateful to Kristi Ruben and Shelly Montgomery for investing their time and energy in this good work! The youth group will kick off Sunday, January 12, at noon. We won’t be meeting during the service, and we’ll be using a great UUA curriculum, Small Ministry for Teens. I’m really looking forward to getting this off the ground.
Another great opportunity for teens is the GSA Cafe our church is starting on January 17 from 7pm-10pm in the social hall. The theme for our first cafe will be Open Mic night, and we want to see all of our teens, our local GSA members and allies enjoying a fun night of singing, poetry and fellowship. Please see me or Rev Audette if you would like to contribute a snack or drink to help make this successful – it is a point of pride that UU’s make the best refreshments!
Thanks again to Mary and Kayla for music, Mark Vinich for the set, all of the parents and our great kids for putting on a Very Unitarian Universalist Nativity! It was a great turnout and, as ever, I was moved and delighted by the hard work and dedication of our children and families. Atticus had a lot of questions about the baby Jesus, astronomy and Unitarian Universalism.
Thanks for helping us create a church home where our kids can learn and grow.
Sara Burlingame, Director of Religious Education (DRE)