I hope everybody’s summer is coming along with adventures, insights and quiet moments to appreciate how gorgeous this time of year is on the High Plains. We moved to Cheyenne from the Central Valley of California 15 years ago come mid August. There is never a summer that I don’t feel the tiniest bit smug when I read that my old home is suffering under a heat wave while I sit on my front porch and watch the clouds roll over the Rocky Mountains carrying a gentle breeze and a hint of rain. If I’m honest I’ll admit that the smugness only lasts until I glance at my anemic tomatoes, still green in late July and long for the days of spitting tomato seeds at the ground and watching them spring from the soil like a latter day farming fairytale. Everything is a trade off.

Another trade off is that the good fortune of getting our basement classrooms completely redone with new carpeting and tile means that we need to haul everything we removed from those rooms back in. We’ve set aside August 1oth and August 24th, both Saturdays at 10am-noon, to invite anyone who would like to help the RE Committee get that job done. I can promise a tinny boombox, great pizza and better beer to anyone who wants to pitch in. Please call me (214 2556) if you think you can help.

August 31st will be our Teacher Training and if you have even the smallest interest in volunteering for RE, I would love for you to come. The time hasn’t been set yet but I’ll post it in the announcements as soon as we know.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Water Communion Ingathering and hearing your stories!

Sara Burlingame, DRE