Have you ever been accused of being the “master of the obvious?” Let me give it a try. We always have so many amazing things happening at our church. No really. When was the last time you really delved into our website, or calendar, or monthly Focus or weekly email letter This Week and Beyond? I encourage you to check them out. Maybe even try something you might be interested in but have yet to do. What gifts do you bring to our beloved community? We need you and we want you and the love you bring. I saw this on searchquotes.com. “Seeing change as an opportunity is an important first step in moving toward a better future.”

Periodically we do an exercise in our family where we start brainstorming those little sayings or colloquialisms (“raining cats and dogs”) that are part of our everyday life. Try this with family or friends. Once you “get the ball rolling” you will be amazed what how much you can come up with in a short time. “Half-empty glass” examples that recently came up included “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” “got the short end of the stick,” and “burning the candle at both ends.” So let’s go towards the “half full glass” end of the continuum. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” “easy as pie (or 1, 2, 3)” and “stop and smell the roses.” Some pieces of this shorthand wisdom may be neutral or obvious such as “what goes around comes around,” “to each his own,” and “to thine own self be true,” and the “5 P’s” (ask me in person if you aren’t sure).
Like most organizations we have our challenges. For example some recent concerns include Stewardship and finances and adapting to staff and policy changes. However after having a number of conversations and witnessing firsthand the positive, hopeful energy of so many I sincerely believe that we will take on these challenges as the opportunities they really are. One of the reasons I so love being a part of this church is that we truly have the ability to “see the glass as half full.”

So please “break the ice” by sharing your thoughts with a Board member or someone else on our many active committees. Let’s talk! With an “attitude of gratitude” I offer the following. If “you have a good horse you gotta ride it”. Thanks Mike S., Gene H., Sara B., Jennifer G., Rhonda W., Kathleen P., Beth H. and Steve F. Thank you for “leading by example” Lea G., Sandi G., Elizabeth T. and Rev. Audette. “Actions speak louder than words” thanks go to Rob F., Jennifer H., Sharon K., Bob & Jan N., Mark V., Ilse S., Karla R, Jim G., Karla H. and Thomas R., Camille F., Carol B., Karl M., Camellia E. “Hard work (with fun?) is its own reward” for Kayla L., Brenda L., Natalie V., Ken V., Terri J. “No risk, no reward” Karla H., Emily S., Mark V., Ann M., Hailey E., Mac M. “Just Do It” to Birgitt P., Joe C. and Karin S. “You make our hearts sing” for Priscilla G., Kate H. and all choir members. And for the many I inadvertently left out remember “to err is human, to forgive divine.”

Thank you to everyone for helping us move toward our goal of having 100% of members pledging. Thank you for your hard work, honesty and fun loving spirits. Thank you for pursuing your spiritual truth, sharing your wisdom and loving each other.
With love, honor and respect, Chuck Skinner