Pledging is requested from all members, and set out as a responsibility of membership in the bylaws of UUCC. Friends are also invited and encouraged to pledge to the church, even if you do not wish to be a member!

Pledges, made yearly, allow UUCC to plan a budget. Each year, Living Generously spearheads a pledge drive in February/March to collect this information. Pledges are voluntary and the amount is set by you.  Members may add a pledge or change the amount at any time during the year. The Unitarian Universalist Association offers a Fair Share Contribution Guide which members can use as a guideline for determining how much they might wish to give. Pledges may be paid by check or through online giving.

  • At the time of pledging, you are offered the option of having it withdrawn from your bank account or charged to a credit card on the day of your choice each month. You can start, change or stop automatic withdrawals at any time.
  • Pledges made by check can be mailed to the church, put in an envelope (provided in the pews) and dropped in the Offering basket, or dropped through the mail slot on the Administrator’s door. Please make sure to mark the check “pledge” so that we may properly credit your account.

To make a new pledge, or to change your pledge, complete the New Pledge Form 2020-21 and return to the UUCC office. If you are choosing to have your pledge paid automatically, complete and return the Authorization Form at the same time. You can adjust this at any time.

Each quarter, a statement is mailed to help you keep track of your pledge giving. At the end of the year, a tax statement is mailed to each giving friend or member.