Paula Gordinier

Yoga classes at the UU church are taught on a drop-in basis for individuals of all abilities.  Mats, blankets, and other yoga props are provided. Everyone is welcome.

Tuesday and Thursday 12 to 1pm .  Suggested donation $5

In the first 16 Sutras of chapter 1Patanjali describes the purpose of yoga, the qualities of the mind, and the effects of bringing natural distractions under control. In Sutras 1.17 and 1.18 he describes how we come to understand.  As we progress we move from a superficial level of understanding through more subtle levels to the bliss of true understanding.  Patanjali describes these levels as:
Vitarka:  a superficial understanding of the thing you are thinking about—reason;
Vicāra: a deeper insight into or intuitive understanding of the object of attention— reflection;
Ānandā: the bliss of an epiphany: I get it!;
Asmitārupā: the complete absorption in that which we are trying to understand while retaining a sense of separate self;
According to Patanjali, progression through these levels follows naturally as one’s ability to concentrate improves (Anugamāt) until one reaches the state of saṁprajñāta.  At this level one merges in wisdom and perfect knowledge with the object of understanding, seeing that object clearly uncolored by personal experience or memory. This is the first reference to samadi in the Sutras, this state of knowledge.