The COMEA House Dinner ministry ended 2015 with a festive prime rib dinner on 19 December. A huge thank you goes to the four people who donated the prime rib:  Marc Strahn and Kathi Hanson, former members who now live in Story, WY, Tim Kingston and Mike Shonsey.  Thomas Redding perfectly prepared the prime rib as well as the side dishes.  His homemade short cake topped by strawberries and whipped cream was a treat no one turned down.  Many of those who shared the feast probably agree with the COMEA diner who said he had never in his life had such a delicious meal.

None of this would have been possible without the 8 people who showed up at 10 AM to prep the meal and the 18 who dawned bow ties and smiles to provide table service for each diner as well as carry around the bread basket, the salad dressings and the potent horse radish.

UU of Cheyenne’s 2015 COMEA House Dinners are successful because of the individuals and families who share an hour and a half each third Saturday of the month.   Most may not realize it, but even more important than the food may be the impact on those with whom we come in contact.  A young woman staying in COMEA House said it was so nice to be surrounded by a group of people who seemed more like a happy family than any family she’d known in a long time.

Please join other UU members/friends who will spend an hour and a half on Saturday, 16 January serving at the next COMEA House Dinner. If you have questions, contact Mac Marino at (305)393-1505 or Thomas Redding at (307)640-6048.

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