Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

~ Norman MacEwan ~

Our last rotation was the week of August 11th to August 18th. Following is a list of the volunteers for that week. These volunteers provided meals and hosting for two families consisting of three adults and six children.

Daytime hosts were Ilse Sorensen, Karla Redlich, Sharon Wisroth, and Jim Gaulke.

Dinner hosts were Sandi Gaulke, Jim Gaulke, Karla Holborn, Karla Redlich, Birgitt Paul, Audette Fulbright, Barbara Guilford, Edith Cook, Sharon Wisroth, and Bertha Bikulcs.

Evening hosts were Sandra Herron, Christopher Herron, Terri Johansen, Kathleen Petersen, Grace McDuffie, Sharon Wisroth, and Bertha Bikulcs.

Overnight hosts were Jim Gaulke, Stan Clapp, Beth Howard, Stan Suski, Karla Redlich, and Sharon Wisroth

Our next rotation is scheduled for the week of October 20th to October 27th. About two weeks prior to each rotation we will be asking for volunteer support. If you haven’t volunteered and would like information, please contact one of the coordinators. We can have you co-host with an experienced volunteer your first time. They will work with you and help you become acquainted with the program.

For any questions or comments please contact one of the following coordinators:

  • Sharon Wisroth swisroth@bresnan.net 634-4862
  • Jim Gaulke gjgaulke@openvistas.net 630-1782
  • Karla Redlich karlam.redlich@gmail.com 256-2488