faith_in_actionThe board just completed the 2015 Board Retreat and I am pretty proud of our teamwork, collaboration and the goals that we voted to focus upon.  All board members were able to attend and it was facilitated by Julia McKay.  She did a perfect job of honoring all people present while pushing us to challenge ourselves in service to the congregation.  We are planning on focusing on a unifying project for the congregation that will occur in April of 2016 that not only will be something the congregation can get behind, but hopefully many local groups and people outside the sphere of our church will be inspired to participate.  September’s theme is Faith in Action and I hope that you know that there are so many individuals who donate their time, expertise, resources and sweat willingly to keep this church a vibrant cornerstone of liberal faith.  You belong to a great church community and are appreciated.

Aloha, Birgitt