i_am_thankful_for_banner-6584Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for the very reason that it is named.  The congregational meeting that we had Nov 1st was a great reminder of much that I am thankful for from our church community.  The board arrived early for a preplanning meeting, I was able to acknowledge our minister with a gift from the board, the board pulled off a nacho bar and facilitated a great conversation with congregants that were willing to spend extra time out of their day to provide feedback and stay informed.  I am also thankful for run on sentences!  Being a leader has its own challenges but having the support of a productive and invested board makes my job easier.  I was concerned about the future of Family Promise but with the recent announcement that the Rubens, with the help of others,  will be stepping in for a one year commitment, I am again reminded that if the work is important to our congregation, people step forward to take the reins.  Jim Gaulke has done an outstanding job for many years and I know that he will appreciate his new role as support staff to our Family Promise program. The board and I are gearing up to start planning the Earth Day celebration in April and collected many ideas to start the creative juices flowing.  Please remember to let others in our church community know about the great work they are doing for each other and in living through our UU principals.