hawaii-Sunset-beach1June has started perfectly this year as our family was able to have a 10 day vacation in Hawaii.  I used to live in Hawaii so it was a special time to catch up with old friends and introduce them to our daughters.  While I lived there between 1993 and 2003, my family came for Christmas one year.  My grandmother loved to water color and I have several of my favorite beaches framed upon the walls of our home from her visit.  It was one of my goals to spend as much time as possible on the beaches represented on our walls so that Steve and the  girls would share in the serenity of those scenes and have memories to hinge to them as I do.

We spent many evenings at Salt Pond beach watching the sun set and the girls play in the waves.  As I sat on the beach enjoying the sound and action of the water I felt so relaxed and connected to cycles of the planet.  Adelaide loved explaining to the beach goers how the water “goes in and out every day”  and collecting sand in every crevice of her body; sand angels are just as fun to make as snow angels and require less clothing.   Meredith has a knack for making friends instantly with those around her and shared boogie boards with a local girl one afternoon.   One of the local surfers took time before she headed out to the surf to teach the two of them how to paddle on their boards and their delight in her attentive advice for them was obvious and radiant.  We are all connected to each other and to nature and I loved having the time to appreciate these cycles and patterns and connections.

The tide rises and falls as does the sun.  The spring brings tilled soil and seeds that sprout and volunteers to help pull weeds and water seedlings.  During my time involved with this church, I see the volunteers that serve in so many ways to share their knowledge and inspiration and empathy with each other and our greater community time and again.  There are times all of us get caught in the minutiae of our own lives and days and forget the pulsing continuity around us. There are countless opportunities to pause and check that pulse.  Our seven principles of UU faith are pulsing through our community and are a constant  to return to as we play and work together.  I will use these principles as my foundation in my tenure as president and look forward to fully participating in the ebb and flow of our time together.

Much Aloha, Birgitt Paul