beach swingI have spent quite a bit of time at church lately with new duties and a productive garden and I wanted to call your attention to two things:

First, wandering the halls and rooms of our church, there is lots of great information posted on bulletin boards and doors and in the social hall. The Church Board has really worked hard the last year to make everything as transparent as possible. As part of our regular Sunday service we introduce a different member each week and avail ourselves to you and offer to answer questions or field compliments or concerns. We post our approved meeting notes outside the administrative office along with notices, by laws etc. At the July meeting, we did not have a quorum (it is required that we have 5 of the 7 board members for voting purposes and this month there were only 4 of us), so the most recent approved minutes posted will be from May, 2015. Our goal is to post the previous month’s notes to the bulletin board the day after they are approved by the Board at our monthly meeting. They often go missing but Shelley can print more copies for you if that space on the bulletin board is vacant. Please use us as a resource. We may not always know the answer to your questions immediately, but we will figure out how to be supportive to our UUCC community and respond to your queries.

The second thing I want you to know is that you have an incredible resource in Shelley Reher, our Church Administrator. She is in constant communication with UUCC leadership as needed and has many pieces of information at her fingertips (in her fantastically decorated, welcoming and organized office space). Her office hours are posted and she can help pass messages to staff or board/committee heads to connect you with the information you may need. If the information you need is not already displayed somewhere in the church building, or not found on our UUCC website, , let one of us know and we will track it down or display it as needed.

I am looking forward to the picnic on Aug 9th and hope to have some great additions to the feast from the garden!