"When do the training wheels come off?"

New Lobby Computers

As you may have noticed, there are 3 new computers in our church lobby. These were donated by Sierra Trading Post and rebuilt by Austin Reher. Austin is an IT specialist at Sierra Trading Post and was kind enough to rebuild each of these computers that Sierra Trading Post was disposing of and donate them to UUCC. And, I, your church administrator, spent a number of hours writing a very simple program for Clipboard Corner and Visitor Sign-in.

The intention of each of these is to make it easier for staff and committees to obtain and use needed information from them. The 3rd computer with the upcoming events being displayed was intended to make seeing our upcoming events easier and more enjoyable.

The success of anything new here at UUCC will depend on the congregation’s support and enthusiasm. The new Clipboard Corner and Visitor Sign-in was designed with simplicity for the user in mind. Computers can be scary. This fear is called “computerphobia” or “technophobia”. The following was taken from an article by Adrienne Lafrance on March 30, 2015 called When People Feared Computers.

“Humans often converge around massive technological shifts—around any change, really—with a flurry of anxieties.”

“The same article identified subsets of anxieties that contribute to the phobia: fear of breaking the computer, fear of losing power, fear of looking stupid, and fear of lacking control.”

“If you’re trying to use a personal computer or are considering using one, remember: Allow yourself to be a little ignorant for a while. Plan to spend some time learning; give the computer a chance to prove itself before you decide you can’t use it; take things a step at a time; and finally, don’t forget that you’re in charge, not the computer.”

It is my hope that you will find Clipboard Corner less cluttered and easier to find the sign-up sheet you are interested in by simply clicking on the desired button. There will also be more room for information on the desired event once you have clicked that button. By typing your name rather than writing your name there will be less errors in reading each person’s handwriting. The simple steps for either computer, Clipboard Corner or Visitors, are:

  1. Click the desired area (this would be the same as picking up the desired clipboard)
  2. Typing in your information (this would be the same as writing the information)
  3. Click DONE. (this would be the same as putting the clipboard down)


I am seeking the assistance of the congregation to help and encourage those that have anxiety about using the computers. In time this will become old habit and will make accessing the information much less complicated than having someone physically go get the handwritten sign-ins and then replace them when they are done.

I also ask that we discourage personal use of these computers. They can be accessed remotely and if the programs get closed or the computer gets turned off then it becomes difficult to maintain them remotely. I ask that only the monitors get turned off when not in use.