Family Promise of Cheyenne provides homeless families a safe place to stay by giving them overnight shelter, warm meals, day center support, case management, referrals, education and more. There are still ten hosting faith communities and six supporting faith communities involved in the network which means UUCC will continue to host families about every 10 weeks.

The last rotation at UUCC was July 12th to July 19th. During that week we hosted two families consisting of three adults and three children. Thank you to Sandra Herron, Beth Howard, Carol Bowles, Grace McDuffie, Ken Vernon, Audette Fulbright, Ron Labreque, Mike Shonsey, Thomas and Kendra Redding, Bertha Bikulcs, Kathleen Petersen, and Chuck Skinner.  And once again as always a very special thanks to those who do the laundry, clean and vacuum, and help put everything away at the end of the week.

** A special invitation to all newcomers and all those seeking edification **

Our next rotation will be the week of September 20th to September 27th. If you want to know more about the IFSS program or are hesitant in becoming involved, please contact one of the coordinators. An experienced volunteer would be very willing to work with you and help you become acquainted with the program.

For any questions or comments please contact one of the following coordinators:

Sharon Wisroth               634-4862

Jim Gaulke                        630-1782

Karla Redlich                                                           256-2488

Mac Marino              305-393-1505


**** Some personal thoughts and considerations and a request ****

I have been involved in this program for about 10 years and have seen the name change from Family Promise of Cheyenne to Cheyenne Interfaith Hospitality Network to Interfaith Family Support Services and now back to Family Promise of Cheyenne. During those 10 years I have been a volunteer, temporary program manager, and UUCC coordinator. It is now time for me to step aside and invite new blood and new ideas to help manage the program at UUCC. This is a call for someone who wants to be part of a program that provides homeless families a safe place to stay and warm meals to step up and volunteer to be a coordinator. The members of this church have continually supported our efforts and I believe they will continue to do so. There are two remaining rotations this year for UUCC. One is in September as shown above and the second is November 29th to December 6th. I will be available and quite willing to work with the new coordinator and I know the other coordinators will also help however needed, but I intend to step down as a coordinator by the end of 2015. This work is important and the results while not completely successful are successful enough to make this program one that must continue to be supported by UUCC. Anyone who is interested, has questions, or would like to visit with me, please contact me at 630-1782 or at

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

―   Mae West