By Ria Brownlow, RN


Regarding cholesterol education, the UU Community is a knowledgeable one. Just about all of us are aware of the statistical correlation between high cholesterol and heart attacks.

And knowledge is power, yes? Do you know your numbers? It is amazing to experience for oneself, as I certainly have, how knowing my numbers can motivate me when I ‘ve been putting off making those health-promoting changes for all too long!

It’s easy to go to the Wyoming Health Fair. They have an office on Carlson, and here is their website:

Now we have no excuses, right!?

On another topic, Faith Community Nursing (FCN), in partnership with Pastoral Care and our Minister, as well as others, is in the process of planning what we can/will bring to you, our Community, over the next 12 months or so.

We have sponsored presentations on exercise and nutrition, among other things, and there is more we would like to do. We had our Survey, and we want to find out what, in particular, you would like to see happen next in this regard. There will be opportunities for your input…. Watch for them!



Ria, Joan, Shelly and the FCN Team

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