By Ria Brownlow


In Dan Buettner’s book Blue Zones, the Nine Secrets of a long and enjoy able healthspan are outlined in 9 Lessons.  This month, we’ll look at Lesson 1: Move Naturally.  Be active without having to think about it.

Any exercise that feels like work won’t last long for most people.  It’s got to be fun.  First, I’m motivated by the desire for good health and a body that’s fun to live with.  Next,   I’m in it for the “high”, (caused by the endorphins produced by exercise),  and for the enjoyment  of whatever it is I’m doing.  Too, music plays a role for many people by  taking the work out of the workout.  We turn on the Ipod, and go for it.

So, what about dancing?  OK, some folks don’t want to do that. (A lot of men can just skip this paragraph.)  But for those who like to dance and/or are willing to at least consider it, a recent study from Stanford University finds that frequent dancing can reduce the risk of dementia by 76%! ( In that same study, bicycling and swimming had no effect on risk reduction.)  The famously long-lived Okinawans engage in folk dancing their entire lives.  For both sexes, we have square dancing and ballroom dancing.  And, ladies, may I say here that belly dancing is the best core workout I have ever done, not to mention that it is a whole lot of fun.

For you men who stopped reading in the last paragraph, would you reconsider weightlifting, unless you are currently a lifter? Did you know that weightlifting increases your production of  testosterone?  Here’s a link to an article on the Livestrong website.

What else do you do for exercise that’s fun?  Let’s have a discussion!  Let’s inspire each other!


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