holiday-dinnerUpdated: December 10 2019

Join the UU volunteers who will be preparing and serving a prime rib dinner at COMEA House on Saturday, December 21st.  This is the time of year UU Cheyenne volunteers pull out all the stops to share our love as well as our culinary expertise with COMEA residents.  Generous volunteers donate the prime rib, and the COMEA House committee purchases the sides.  If you would like to prepare a dessert ahead of time, please let one of the COMEA House ministry coordinators know so we can plan. Volunteers are needed to cook the main meal at COMEA House and to serve.

If you are new to UU,  it is an easy, not time intensive way to become involved in community service.  Families with children who are old enough to help set out salt and pepper shakers or  spoon dressing for salads will find serving at COMEA House a realistic, worthwhile way to introduce children to the satisfaction of giving to others   A sign-up sheet will be at clipboard corner through 15 December.

If you have questions, please contact Thomas Redding (307) 640-6038 or Mac Marino (305) 393-1505.

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