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Faith Community Nursing, January 2016


Beginning in 2015, the President signed 2 Proclamations creating January as National Stalking Awareness Month and National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. He bolstered many provisions to expand safeguards against cyberstalking and protection for immigrants that are victims of stalking. It improves the ability of healthcare workers, airline flight crews, and other professionals to […]

Faith Community Nursing Corner – June 2014 – Blood Pressure

by Rob Fulson

By Ria Brownlow, RN Our UU Faith Community is remarkably well-educated about health issues, and our people are health-conscious in general. Even so, there are some topics that bear re-visiting from time to time, because of their importance. One of these is the topic of blood pressure. High blood pressure has been called “The Silent […]

Faith Community Nursing Corner – August 2013 – Meditation and the Brain

by admin

By Ria Brownlow, RN To continue with our series from Dan Beuttner’s Blue Zones, Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest, this month we are looking at : “Lesson Six: Down Shift— Take time to relieve stress.” A classic way to relieve stress is the practice of meditation. With the upsurge […]

Faith Community Nursing Corner – July 2013 – Bridges into Health

by admin

How many times have you heard someone say, “That person in the waiting area at the emergency room is on Medicaid but they have name-brand tennis shoes and an iPhone” or “Did you see that person in the grocery line buying steaks with food stamps?” These “hidden rules” of poverty need to be re-examined in […]

Faith Community Nursing Corner – March 2013

by admin

By Ria Brownlow   In Dan Buettner’s book Blue Zones, the Nine Secrets of a long and enjoy able healthspan are outlined in 9 Lessons.  This month, we’ll look at Lesson 1: Move Naturally.  Be active without having to think about it. Any exercise that feels like work won’t last long for most people.  It’s […]

Faith Community Nursing Corner – February 2013

by admin

By Ria Brownlow, RN To continue our series on the 9 Lessons from Dan Buettner’s The Blue Zones, February’s focus is on Lesson 2:  Hara Hachi Bu:  Painlessly Cut Calories by 20%.  Literally, this phrase translates to “Eat only to fill your belly 80% full”, and is a Confucian adage adopted long ago by the […]

Faith Community Nursing Corner – November 2012

by admin

By Ria Brownlow, RN   Regarding cholesterol education, the UU Community is a knowledgeable one. Just about all of us are aware of the statistical correlation between high cholesterol and heart attacks. And knowledge is power, yes? Do you know your numbers? It is amazing to experience for oneself, as I certainly have, how knowing my numbers can motivate […]

Faith Community Nursing Corner – October 2012

by admin

By Shelly Montgomery   Welcome to cold and flu season! Just the sound of that may send a shiver up your spine if this is a challenging time of year for you. I have some good news to warm that shiver. A new research study by the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public […]