*****7/23/2021 We will be re-opening our building on September 1. For information, please contact our Administrator, Tamra Mabe, at adminstrator@uucheyenne.org. Please note: If you have a key to our building from past long-term use, that key will no longer work. Keys will be updated with new building use requests. Thank you!*****

We are open to all!

If you’re interested in renting our building or using it as a meeting space please call the office at 307-638-4554

 Do you need to schedule a room?

  1. Please call (638-4554) or send an email to administrator@uucheyenne.org, and review the current Building Use Fees.
  2. Then fill out a Building Use Agreement. (A new form will be available soon!)
  3. Building Use Forms are also located in the caddy next to the women’s restroom on the main floor. Forms can also be sent to you via e-mail; contact the church office.
  4. The administrator will check room availability and get back to you about availability as soon as possible.
  5. Be sure to review and follow the Building Lock-up Procedures,  which are also available in the caddy by the women’s restrooms on the first floor.
  6. Please review specific guidelines for childcare during any activity.
  7. Rooms are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, keep in mind that church sponsored activities take priority and your event could potentially get moved. In this event, the church administrator will contact you to make acceptable arrangements for your event.

Do you need to get into the building?

  1. For short term building use, contact the office to get a “loaner” key.
  2. If you need a key on an on-going basis, contact the office.