Membership in a Unitarian Universalist congregation is a journey, not a destination. Ours is a covenantal rather than creedal faith. As individuals, we are invited into a shared journey of co-creation in our congregations, and being a member is to claim and community and be claimed by it in return. It is a living relationship with responsibilities and blessings. We are called to love, learn, and serve on our journey into membership.


Stepping Onto the Path

When you first begin exploring the Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne, you most likely will attend Sunday worship.

Sunday Services

Our worship services are at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings. You are welcome to “come as you are.” You will find that some folks dress nicely for church, but most dress casually. Jeans and shorts are more common than dresses and ties.

Approaching the building, there are two entrances. From our parking lot, there is a handicap accessible door on East side of the building. A greeter should be there to welcome you and offer you a program, perhaps answer any questions you may have, and provide a nametag.

The West side of the building is not handicap accessible, but has a short flight of stairs up to our front doors. There is a greeter’s table just inside, and someone should be there to welcome you, offer you a program, answer questions and even show you around. Pointing out the bathrooms, answering questions about children’s classes and care, or sharing information about church activities are all part of the greeter’s job.

We understand that attending a new church can be a little daunting. Our services run approximately an hour and 15 minutes at the most, including our pre-service announcements time, where you can hear about activities and ways to be involved at the church. Then the service consists of music, readings, and a sermon. Our format, though lively, is similar to other Protestant traditions – though we draw on all the world’s great religious traditions for our sources.

After the service, join us for Coffee Hour in our large social hall. We have a Newcomer’s Table, clearly marked, and our greeters sit here so they are available if you’d like to chat with them after the service and/or learn more about the church. However, you’re welcome to mingle with any of our members and friends if you prefer. We almost always have great snacks available. We are a peanut-free congregation!

Getting Involved

As you are feeling comfortable, you are encouraged to take part in church activities. Our many community service actions are a terrific way to get to know folks and get involved. Consider our COMEA or Family Promise program work!

COMEA Shelter

On the third Saturday of most months, we serve dinner at the COMEA shelter. This is a simple and great way for individuals and families to get to know other UUCC members and friends while doing good in our community. Some Saturdays we prep the meal; we always serve. Once a year we host a prime rib dinner for families at the shelter.

Family Promise

Every six weeks, we host homeless children and their families in our church. Arriving on one Sunday, they stay with us until the following Sunday. While they are here, we provide all their meals and provide a continuous hosting presence while they are at the church. There are lots of ways to be involved in this work.

For more information, see the COMEA and Family Promise pages on our website.

Classes, small groups, social events and teamwork

You are welcome to participate in any class or event hosted at UUCC, unless it says otherwise in the material.

Path to Membership Classes

Once you are ready to explore membership with us, you are invited to take one of our Path to Membership classes. These classes will help you become familiar with our church, basic UU history, our covenantal faith, and the meaning of membership.

After Membership

Membership is, as we said, a journey. After you become a member, we encourage you to think in 3D about your involvement:

  • LOVE: participate in relationship-building – by attending church regularly, making friends, participating in social activities offered;
  • LEARN: continue to explore your faith, through classes and workshops and in small group settings;
  • SERVE: choose one church team or a project each year to help sustain our church home, and get involved in at least one work of justice we are doing to improve and serve our community.

We hope that your presence among us will be a lifelong journey of love and service, with people who make you proud to call yourself a Unitarian Universalist!