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A Month of Abundance

by Hannah Villnave

  Happy November, y’all! It’s a full and wonderful time here at the UU Church of Cheyenne. I am so grateful for the many people who make this a warm and welcoming community. This month in worship, we’ll be delving into abundance – our theme for November! Often times, we think about abundance as a […]

A Month of Courage

by Hannah Villnave

This month in worship and our children’s faith development classes, we’ll be journeying together into what it means to be a people of courage. And we’ll begin the month by wondering together what it means to belong to this community. Which might seem odd — how does membership require courage? I believe that belonging to a […]

A Month of Welcome

by Hannah Villnave

Every month this year, I’m hoping to start the month with a reflection to share with y’all about the month’s worship theme. How appropriate that for the month of September, our theme will be Welcome. Today, we are welcoming a guest into sanctuary here at UUCC. First, some logistics: An emailed letter went out to […]