Happy November, y’all! It’s a full and wonderful time here at the UU Church of Cheyenne. I am so grateful for the many people who make this a warm and welcoming community.

This month in worship, we’ll be delving into abundance – our theme for November!

Often times, we think about abundance as a bountiful harvest, like the cornucopia image that is so popular at this time of year. We picture abundance as an overflowing basket of squash or a cup that runneth over. We imagine that in order to feel abundance, we’ve got to have lots of something, whether it’s money, food, time, or love.

But I want to invite us to consider how we can find abundance in times and places that don’t seem to have enough. How can we live with an abundant mindset, even when we feel lonely or lost?

This Sunday the 5th, I’m looking forward to preaching about one of my favorite books, The Solace of Fierce Landscapes by Belden Lane. In the book, he explores how desert and mountain landscapes can show us abundance even (and maybe most especially) in desolate places. It’s an opportunity to reframe as we head into a holiday season that can often seem to be about getting or having the most stuff rather than finding an abundance of love and care among friends and family.

We’ll have an abundance of preachers this month, too! On November 12th, Elizabeth Mount, intern minister at First Universalist in Denver will be in the pulpit. Then, on November 26th, Rev. Hannah will be doing a pulpit swap with Rev. Sean Neil-Barron from Foothills UU Church in Fort Collins (where Rev. Hannah will be preaching that morning). Be sure to come hear these awesome preachers!


In abundant love,

Rev. Hannah